Ah, does one good to re-read a well written historical account of the life of John Quincy Adams and not simply picking a name out of the air and and trying to force history around it to suit your purposes and world view. That is the key problem with these revisionis­t political candidates and pundits, they do not respect our history at all. They place certain quotes, articles of the constituti­on and certain events in a almost mystical place and shape them around their perverted sense of what America used to be. I have read many texts regarding our senior founding fathers, and what I have come away with is that they had a healthy fear of tyranny in any form, political, military and especially financial. Even back then there was serious debate going on between landowners and landless free men, all was not rosy and harmonious­. Governing successful­ly requires so many things and one of them should be a deep understand­ing of our history and what it means to us today.
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