I’m at home sitting in the living room writing on my Ipad after spending all day outside in the backyard attacking one of my flower beds which was, or more precisely, still is partially invaded by the most destructive, convoluted root system, choking weed called Bishop’s weed. This weed gets away with secretly taking root and ambushing an innocent garden because it closely resembles a lovely plant called Queen Anne’s Lace.
I adore gardening, all parts of gardening and when I saw the topic, I said to myself which window will I choose? My house is a big square with a central staircase and two floors. Each room in the house has a fireplace and at least 3 windows but usually 4 windows per room. Throughout the years, I’ve designed little garden beds all around the house so that at each window you have a different vantage point of my gardens. However, that’s only for spring and summer, in the fall you see fallen leaves everywhere which means raking for me and a lot of it. Winter is typically snow-covered so what you see outside each and every window is white with a smattering of little presents left by the two dogs, Rex and Jack.
So, when I started this post I got up and looked out of the first living room window and gazed at one of the two huge red Maple trees on the front lawn, Shasta Daisy’s starting to bloom, and I was wondering if I should water my hanging plants outside tonight. I googled the weather forecast from my Ipad and forecast for tomorrow, scattered thunder storms, so I’ll let nature take her course and water for me tomorrow.