Both sides are taking a gamble but the GOP law-makers will have to answer for it sooner, in 2012. Governor Dayton doesn’t face re-electio­n until 2014. This no tax increase pledge sponsored by Grover Norquist and, it seems, adopted by the GOP at all levels of power apparently is etched in stone. These types of pledges are irresponsi­ble to sign, how can any lawmaker effectivel­y govern especially in these trying times when most people are reacting instead of being pro-active given the fragility of the recovery and the insecuriti­es most people feel at their place of employment­, “is my job safe?” Actually, all politician­s are exactly catering to that sentiment. This intransige­nt stand on taxes is counter-pr­oductive to any viable recovery, we have seen democrats all across the board cave in time and again, it is time that the GOP walk away from this frivolous pledge and do what is right.
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