I know that I don’t need another social network because I don’t explore and utilize all the features of my current social network, so why would I need another one? Presently, I’m still not sufficiently intrigued by technology to really sit down and experiment with posting pictures on my social network or anything else more complicated than that. My daughter sometimes takes pity on my social network and uploads pictures on to my pages for me. She is very sweet that way. Takes pity of her quasi anti-tech Maman. Social media hasn’t really caught on, in my mind, for me. I use the internet to write my comments on politics and economics via the Huffington Post and I do my postaday 2011 faithfully, everyday (as much as possible, if I miss a day, I make it up by posting 2 pieces the next day). I don’t use face book to socialize actively. I publish my posts onto face book but my friends don’t often respond. I have one childhood friend who responds fairly regularly but he admonishes me on my political views, he’s a republican. I still enjoy writing, even if I don’t have a large audience, it’s very cathartic for me. Who knows when I’m older, I’ll evolve and embrace technology and use social media to its full advantage.