The mental games that are going on in Washington are breathtaki­ng in their importance in either sides minds. I couldn’t keep up. I wouldn’t have the patience, there is too much to accomplish­, especially in job creation at home. It is appalling that Goldman Sachs is laying off employees at home and hiring abroad, it is also galling that in the Bay Area in CA. they are importing a bridge from China instead of having it manufactur­ed at home and putting steel workers at home. And don’t give me any of the “it’s the union’s fault, the Chinese are cheaper”, it doesn’t work out to be cheaper for our country in the long run when our people don’t have any money to spend in our consumer driven society to shore up and grow back our economy. It is galling that our huge corporatio­ns don’t have any pride in being an American company and helping America and its people to continue to be the best, all they care about is the bottom line and their stock position. That is the primary reason why we can’t trust the private sector to get us out of this at this moment, it doesn’t coincide with their self-inter­est. This is why we need another economic stimulus package aimed at rebuilding our infrastruc­ture following the Made In America plan to get the momentum going with the hiring of Americans which will spur more demand for goods because there will be more money in workers wallets.
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