It’s been since 2007 that I’ve had the opportunity to make the decision of aisle or window and I don’t remember which seat I had. Traveling with kids makes that question obsolete. All that you can pray for, traveling with 2 children, is that they are happy, comfortable and occupied. Prior to children, I didn’t really have a preference and my sister and I traveled every summer to and from New York and France. All I ever wanted was to sleep on the plane and get to France as quickly as possible.

Nowadays, when I will take my future flight, I will be asking for a an aisle seat. Since getting over my battle with liver and kidney disease brought on by the tropical virus I picked up in Costa Rica and exacerbated by what I might add to be extremely irresponsible nasty anorexic behavior such as not eating, drinking and smoking. Since coming back from nearly dying, I have been very careful in living a very healthful existence but one of the consequences of kidney and liver failure is that I need to drink a lot and thus use the restroom as well. So as not to needlessly annoy other passengers climbing over their laps in a cramped cabin, an aisle seat would be preferable.

Air travel used to be a lot of fun, I’m 43 going on 44 years old and I remember my first flight alone with my little sister, without my mother, I was 9 years old and it was 1976. The stewardesses were so nice and took such good care of us. We had one all to ourselves. But gradually throughout the years, especially in the last 15 years, airlines have been making the seats smaller, reducing the amount of items in the goodie bags, the food has gotten worse and now you have to pay extra for everything. The fees are still outrageous, even when the price of oil went down, did anyone ask themselves why haven’t the airlines lowered their prices or decreased their fees? Once a company increases its prices, due to increased cost of doing business, if that cost goes down anytime in the future, the consumers price rarely goes back down. Which I find a bit disheartening because when you say to yourself oh I’ll go abroad when the price of fuel goes down, the tickets should be cheaper and you see that the price of oil has gone down but the tickets and fees not so much, it pretty much stinks.

Well that is neither here nor there, like I said earlier, the next time I’m on a plane I’ll be happy with an aisle seat, even if I have to pay extra.