The author is correct that something needs to be done to arrest the housing markets continuing fall in value. The market is digging the hole really deep and since the housing market is where most of Middle America’s wealth was amassed, there is a large sector of our population that is still in as much trouble as when the Great Recession started in 2008. Quite a few renowned economists called for very similar plans that would benefit the home-owner­s but the politician­s on Capital hill balked at the idea. The whole mess always points back to the deregulati­on of the financial industry. When are we ever going to learn? Instead of trying to increase the size of our financial industry, which in my humble opinion doesn’t really hold up it’s side of the bargain in positive contributi­ons to society, we should be concentrat­ing our resources and energies to public education to help mold future generation­s in engineerin­g, sciences, math and critical thinking, we should also be focusing on investing in our decaying infrastruc­ture to put people back to work. I am sick and tired of hearing the bankers caterwaul about how people are blaming them for everything­. Buck up and take it like a man, through greed and stupidity you bankers have taken advantage of the system and broken the economy. No whining, be part of the solution.
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