When my two children were little, they used to tell me that I should be President because I would be a really good one. I used to tell them, “thank you, but Maman is too young to be President”. That worked until I was 36 and then they stopped asking me to be President. It was nice when they used to ask me to be President, two little ones who had all the faith in the world in their Maman.  It does make you feel special and nice inside.

Now, do I think I would make a good President? If I were President, I would try as best as I could, to do what was right and best for the country. But is that enough? All the best intentions don’t always generate the best results. I don’t think that this would apply to me, but aren’t all roads to hell paved with good intentions? What are the qualities necessary to be a good President? First, you have to be capable of putting your country first, ahead of your family. Second, you must have a very thick skin, able to withstand the most intrusive look into your private life and your family’s as well. Third, as commander-in-chief, you would be responsible to put young men and women in harm’s way. You have to be able to accept compromise in great variance with your vision. There are so many other qualities that are necessary, but I could already tell you that I would have a tough time dealing with all those issues I outlined above. I would especially have difficulty with putting the country first, in front of my family. Having the media scrutinizing everything in my past and present and also subjecting my children to that type of microscopic existence would be too much for me to stomach. That is a huge strike against me in my column as candidate for President. Another quality that I lack is the thick skin, I don’t have much self-esteem and the little that I do have, would not be enough to withstand a full frontal assault on my character, my intellect or my integrity. Lacking thick skin would really hinder any effective governing on my part. I would be distracted from my position as President trying to put out fires that wouldn’t really need any attention. Lastly, I wouldn’t be able to really send our young men and women into harm’s way. I would be the biggest pacifist in the history of the White House. That might not necessarily be in the best interest of the country. I don’t know.

Being President requires a certain mentality and skill set that I am pretty sure I don’t have. Would I want to do the best job possible? Yes, a million times, yes. Would I be able to, I would try but I don’t know if the opposition would accept me and I don’t know that I have the wherewithal to do a good job as President. It is a job like no other on the planet.