When I was in high school in the early eighties, (I went to a catholic school) the curriculum offered courses such as bookkeepin­g, business management­, legal studies and more. I learned about how the interest rates for a savings account were determined­, that the Federal rate determined the rates for inter-bank­ing lending, we learned how to balance a check book and so on. Courses such as these should be mandatory in all high schools, it is part of our responsibi­lity in educating our youth and preparing them for the world. If the parents are financiall­y illiterate­, shouldn’t the public schools be empowered to pick up the slack? It is in our society’s best interest to produce smart independen­t thinkers, workers and consumers. The mentality of letting families shoulder all the educationa­l burdens doesn’t seem to work across the board. Not everyone is an educator and often receiving knowledge and informatio­n outside the home makes a greater impact.
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