In grammar school, there was Mr. Swanson. In high school, there was my chemistry teacher, Sister and believe or not I can’t remember her name. It was, I am drawing a blank, so I’ll call her Sister Chemistry. Why were these two my least favorite? They both rubbed me the wrong way on a personal level, and if I don’t mind saying so, that is pretty hard to do. I am very easy-going by nature, but there was something about those two that raised my hackles. I also found them to be bad teachers, I usually understood any material presented to me fairly quickly, but with these two, it was as if we were speaking different languages. I couldn’t understand whatever concept they were teaching. I ended up going to others teachers after school to go over the lessons of the day, to understand and study with these other teachers. So, basically, I would take the same class twice in one day but with 2 different teachers, one good and one bad. I didn’t feel the same about any of my other teachers, and I’m thinking back throughout all of grammar school, high school and college, it just those two. Which taken in the context of a scholastic career, isn’t so bad. I got two bad apples out of a big cart, it could have been worse. The whole cart could have been rotten.