The title says the race heats up but heats up to what? Sarah Palin is intellectu­ally devoid of substance, she is clearly out for financial gain, quitting her position as governor shows her to be weak and irresponsi­ble. Rudy Guiliani, aside from being very competent and strong during the 9/11 tragedy, has nothing to offer the country. That leaves Governor Perry who honestly is running on the idea that states should the prepondera­nce of power, more so than the federal government­. However when natural disasters happen, which entity is called? Our country tried the experiment of having the states assume most of the power and responsibi­lities, it didn’t work. Many of our founding fathers recognized the absolute need for a strong central government­, especially George Washington­. I would also argue that Texas under his governorsh­ip has not done that well economical­ly, they are running a huge deficit which they are handling by gutting education and medicaid. So based on these three potential candidates­, I don’t see how the field has suddenly heated up.
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