I firmly believe that climate change is real and that man is the primary driver of climate change.Yes, I accept the scientists’ evaluation of the data that they have accumulated and analyzed for quite some time. Moreover, scientists from a multitude of disciplines have found data from all fronts that support the thesis that climate change is happening and without a dramatic change in our behavior, our continuous daily actions will have profound effects on our world and apparently it is all for the worse.

Ever since scientists have been discussing their findings and how it tends to point out that our planet is undergoing a shift in climate, many people on the right have tended to disbelieve those findings. My feeling is that, if they accepted that our planet was being affected by climate change, then there would have to be a reason for that change. Scientists have pointed to our negative impact on the global environment due to our pollution producing industries. They have provided charts and tables all indicating that high levels of carbon, methane and other gases are producing an oven like effect on our atmosphere. The result is a hotter planet, which in turn heats the polar caps on both sides of the globe. Those melting caps increase the depth of our oceans which are proving to become warmer. The warmer oceans are in turn generating more hurricanes, tornadoes and severe weather events. This represents a chain of events that show how causal and effects impact our planet.

Actually, the saddest part is that the only species negatively impacted is the human race and the human race is the one responsible for climate change. I know that the earth’s climate has changed greatly over the millenia, my issue is how much we have accelerated the process by pollution and the exploitation of fossil fuels. We have left a colossal footprint on the planet and the morally right thing to do would be to reassess our relationship to fossil fuel and spend our resources developing ecologically and environmentally friendly energy sources.