Technology that I can’t live without. That is a melodramatic statement, because honestly you can live without technology as long as you are healthy and creative. You would be in varying degrees, inconvenienced.But, I would have to say indoor plumbing. I spent a winter in a house from hell and the water pump casing froze and cracked, rendering it useless and I was without water for 10 days with a baby, a toddler and a puppy to care for, my husband was on the road working in construction and staying in hotels. Thank god there was snow so I could fill compound buckets and melt it so I could get enough water to wash the dishes with and force flush the toilet. I kept the bottled water for drinking, the puppy’s water bowl, brushing teeth and bathing. I stuck it out, but I do not envy those pioneers, especially in the winter. I have used an outhouse and it is not pleasant at all. Hauling water from a river is not easy, nor is hauling bucket after bucket of snow and melting it on the stove top, not easy either. Indoor plumbing is absolutely wonderful. Best technological advancement ever.