I suppose at the time it was my father’s advice to not go to college and open up a delicatessen instead in Astoria Queens, New York. I didn’t follow the advice or even consider it seriously because I was hell bent on going to college, take business courses and become a brilliant hospital administrator. I took business related to calculus and economics 101, got C’s in both courses and I decided business in any capacity was not for me. I then decided that law school was the goal. I adore reading, I had a photographic memory, I did very well writing papers in college and I enjoyed solving puzzles and finding solutions. So, I thought a legal career made sense. However, by the time I graduated from college, I was spent. I was anorexic and struggling with recovery, going to school and working full time while still keeping my grades high enough to graduate cum laude and a Fellowship award (given to the top 10% of the class) from N.Y.U. On top of all that, I was also babysitting my father who was having substance abuse issues at the time. So, I decided that I wasn’t prepared mentally or physically to go to law school and I asked for a deferred admission and stayed on at my job full time.  I actually got a promotion and became catalog coordinator which was great, I was proud of myself at the time. Unfortunately the company laid the whole catalog and advertising divisions off 10 months later, and I ended up working for my father at his restaurant, which was fine, by that time I had met my future husband and I got married in 1990 and in 1991 got pregnant and had our son later that year of 1991.

In hindsight, getting a delicatessen with my father’s help would have probably worked out very well because even though I didn’t know it at the time; my father and I would have developed a fine business not only in regards to the deli but also in the catering business. I would have found my passion for cooking a whole lot sooner and I could have also branched out into baking which I am contemplating doing something with eventually. Because, honestly have I used anything that I took away from college in making a living? Sadly, no. I have worked throughout the years, but nothing has related to my major of political science or my double minors of french and anthropology and my education cost my family and I 40,000.00 for 4 years. Bargain basement nowadays, I know. A delicatessen could have taken a few years to break even but I bet between the two of us, my father and I would have hit gold and built a successful food enterprise. So that’s my wacky yet useful advice that I received and didn’t take. It is still something that I think about so who knows maybe someday I will take his advice.