I believe that soon to be former Speaker of the House Madame Nancy Pelosi deserves more credit than has been handed to her.In my opinion, Madame Speaker has shown extraordinary leadership, stewardship, diplomacy and grace under pressure. There apparently was not an issue that Madame Speaker could not handle. My fellow democrats do not fall in line quite as easily as the their republican colleagues across the aisle yet Madame Speaker was able to negotiate, cajole or I am sure strong arm her fellow congressmen into voting in favor of the legislation she felt was required to pass to promote our President’s agenda. So many important pieces of legislation passed beneath her gavel it was awe striking. I believe that President Obama must have breathed a bit easier every day knowing that he had a colleague as capable, determined, a real team player and powerhouse supporting his plans for the United States in another branch of government complementing his own work. I hope that when Mrs Pelosi is relieved of her duties as Madame Speaker and begins her new duties as Minority leader that she realizes that she has fans who have the up most faith in her abilities and that she will bring as much relevance and wisdom to this new session of Congress. I don’t think anything can lessen her voice or influence. I truly admire her as a public servant, a leader and as a woman.